Ringo (1973)

Produced by Richard Perry

When it comes to Ringo there is one key to enjoy his albums, just expect fun. That is Ringo in a essence, and that is not to undermine his talent as a drummer. But compared to his former bandmates, his album are fun-loving tunes and ballads. After The Beatles split there is only one album where all four Beatles appear in and that is an album from Ringo Starr.

Ringo was the one member they all tried to help, always contributing at least one song. George was more involved, but most albums have a song from Paul and one from John. But in this one, they all played and sang in the album. It is a special album, the songs are good and the overall feel of the album.

The album begins with I’m the greatest. A song Ringo described as a song only John Lennon could write and only he could sing. This song features three Beatles with John on piano and backing vocals, George Harrison on guitar and Ringo on vocals and drums. It is not the best Lennon song but it works for Ringo and is typical Lennon. The best songs from the albums besides I’m the greatest include Photograph a track written by Harrison and Ringo and was a hit single. You’re sixteen and you beautiful is a cool track and Six O’ Clock is a nice McCartney song. The last track You and me babe is a cool track where the singer says goodbye to the crowd, it reminds me of the reprise in Sgt. Pepper.

It is a good album and I listened to it today again. The Beatles (together and solo years) just have that something that you listen to them and you feel good.

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