Who killed Malcolm X (2020) Netflix

Directed by Rachel Dretzin and Phil Bertelsen

If one could go back in time and redo something, I would have studied history and maybe be a history teacher, just because of my love of documentaries about historical moments or people. Of course, there are a lot of documentaries or historical moments that I have not seen or heard, but I have seen a few and I really get into them. In recent years I saw the Netflix documentary on Robert Kennedy and it was a revealing look at him. I knew of Malcolm X to be honest because of the Spike Lee film in 1992, so this title intrigued me to find out more about this important figure, whether we agree with his beliefs or not, in history, who died, like many in that time, without a real reason. 

The main theme of the 6-part documentary is the journey of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad as he tries to find justice for Malcolm X and two people who were wrongfully convicted on the assassination and as he tries to discover who was really behind it. Even though it focuses on the search of those responsible for his death, the documentary does provide an in-depth look at the life of Malcolm X. I have come to respect him more, not necessarily agree with everything he said though I understand completely his line of thinking. There are fascinating footage and even documents of FBI archives that are revealing of how the FBI kept those they wanted up-close. There is one moment where it felt almost uncomfortable to see and it was news footage of a reporter asking questions to Malcolm’s wife the day he was killed and seeing that she was not answering he kept asking questions, the insensitivity of some press just to get a story, something still present today and even worse now than before. 

It is hard to see how the life of Muhammad Abdul Aziz was really ruined, he was found guilty of being part of the assassination even though the one who confessed to killing Malcolm testified that he was not part of it and the documentaries show evidence that other witnesses verify he was not there. The way he explained how he lost his kids by not being there, really sad about how the United States plays with the system and with people’s lives. 

I think it was a good documentary, I believe the nation of Islam had something to do with it and of course, they will never say they did, but I think they did. 

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