About a boy (2002)

Directed by Chris and Paul Wiest

Starring Hugh Grant, Nicolas Hoult, Toni Collette, and Rachel Weisz.

I stumbled upon this film today and even though is a bit old I wanted to write about it because it is a good film and maybe someone who might like reads this and sees the film. I remember this was recommended by a friend and I really loved the story and I think in many ways because I relate to that island living the film talks about and explores through Hugh’s character.

Will was a shallow man who lived his life as units of time, not looking to really relate to anyone, to the point that the film begins by him rejecting being godfather to his sister child. Will did not work, he lived on royalties of a song his father wrote. Marcus is a weird kid who lived with his mother. Will looking for new ways to date women, he discovered that single moms were easy because they felt that they could not date and take care of their kids and he did not have to be the bad guy by breaking up with them. With this in mind, Will made up a kid and went to a single mother group and he met Suzie and started dating her and there Marcus and Will met. There Marcus invades Will’s life and the life of both changes.

The film is a great mix of funny and drama and a beautiful story of how people can change our lives. And it is done by the unique friendship between Will and Marcus. Will as the main character is really not likable but at the same time I understood where he was coming from, not with what he did, but why he preferred his island living.

This has to be Hugh Grant’s best performance. He was funny and yet moving as his character begins to see his life change in ways he did not plan. Nicolas Hoult was also very good at what I think is his first film. He was funny and gave life to Marcus, a very interesting character. The film also features great performances by two great actresses in Toni Collette and Rachel Weisz.

I really recommend this film, it has a bit of everything and has a unique story.

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