Little Children (2006)

Directed by Todd Field

Starring Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Connelly, Jackie Earl Haley

I remember this film really impacted me when I first saw it. I don’t think I have seen it again since so I decided to rent the movie is. I think it is a difficult movie to see because of the themes it touches, but it is a great film.

The story revolves around a suburban town and the different people who live there. It is basically how they appear to be something they are not. The two main characters are Brad a man who stays at home with his son while his wife works and Sarah a stay at home wife who is frustrated with her life and marriage. Brad and Sarah start using the time they take the kids to the park to spend time together. The film also takes a look at different characters with different situations including Ronnie who has just been released from jail.

I think the film is brilliantly directed and like American Beauty, it is a dark look at society. The film is told as if the narrator is a puppeteer playing around with these people that are just like little children not knowing how to handle their frustrations and lives. The study of these characters is intriguing and sometimes sad and shocking, and at times even if you can’t defend them you can understand their pain.

The performances of all the cast are great, kate Winslet earned an Oscar nomination for her performance. Jackie Earl Haley was really amazing as Ronnie, his performance was disturbing at times but that only meant he did his job at portraying this man who was a convicted pedophile.

I think it is a very interesting film and I like the way it was made into a film, I don’t know if the book is told the same way with a narrator serving as a guide to the characters thoughts. I really liked the film and recommended warning that it is not a feel-good movie but a look at society, I compare it to American Beauty.

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