Malcolm X (1992)

Directed by Spike Lee

Starring Denzel Washington, Angela Basset, Albert Hall

I started to see a Netflix documentary called Who killed Malcolm X, the film tries to find who was behind the assassination of Malcolm X. I realized as I watched the documentary I saw that it was on February 19, 1965, the day he was killed. Malcolm X is an important figure in history. He was an active voice for the fight of black people. In all this, I was reminded of the great Spike Lee film that I saw and I own the DVD and decided to talk about the film.

The film takes a look at his life and his journey from early in his life. We see him first living the party life with his friends, and he was a thief. He got arrested and there he met a Muslim, he earned Malcolm’s respect and grew a desire in him to read and learn and he became part of the nation of Islam, led by Elija Muhammad. Malcolm became a powerful minister and became a voice that had an impact on the fight for black people’s rights. Later on, his life changes on a visit to Africa and he becomes independent and sadly he is assassinated.

The movie is really long so there are a lot of details in the film and a lot of information about his life. Spike Lee did an amazing job with the film. A film wrongfully not nominated for Academy Awards besides Washington’s nomination. The DVD has a very interesting documentary where Spike Lee reveals that in order to finish the film people like Michael Jordan, Oprah and others contributed money to the film. That shows what this movie meant to Spike and others. It is an epic period film with a powerful story of a man who gave his life to spread a message of equality. He was an important figure in history and sadly another death in a period where many people who fought for rights where killed.

This is Denzel Washington’s best performance in a career full of amazing work. I am a fan of Al Pacino, but I believe that Oscar should have gone to Denzel, Pacino should have won an Oscar long ago before that one. Pacino was great in Scent of a Woman, but Denzel’s performance was really special.

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