The Ranch (2016-2020) Netflix

Starring Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliot, Debra Winger, Elisha Cuthbert,

It might take time to review a show, but with the new way to see shows where you can stream as many episodes as you want, if you have yet to see a series and upon reading a review you found yourself interested, you have as many seasons as the show has available. With that in mind, I recently saw the series finale of the Netflix original The Ranch.

The main story is about Beau and his two sons, as they try to manage the family ranch. Maggie is the mother and she owns a bar. Colt was a football player who failed at it and decides to return to the Ranch and work there with his father and brother.

What I think of the show, it was decided in 10 episode parts, lasting 8 parts. The first parts were very strong. It had everything, it was funny, it had a great story, both drama, and comedy and it was irreverent, that even in the drama the characters made it funny somehow. Where the show succeeded was in the fact that they made the audience, or at least me, care about the characters and the desire to see them do well. The story about the father and his relationship with his sons was done very well and developed through the seasons. The last two to three parts I found myself watching the show just because I wanted to see where they go with the characters, but I felt the show lost something, part because of Danny Masterson, who played Rooster, left the show and the stories stopped being funny and it was just bad things happening and then some storylines got tiring. I’m not saying they were bad, they just lost the spark that the show had at first.

The show had a great cast, there is no doubt about that. Sam Elliot is a proven actor and recently nominated for an Academy Award for his work in a Star is Born. He played the father and owner of the Ranch. He is funny and moving in his performance and as a character is very well developed through the parts of the show. Ashton Kutcher plays Colt, the football player who returns home, his character had some similarities with the character he played on That 70’s show, so what surprised me in this show was his dramatic acting for the series. Danny Masterson played Rooster and again he also seemed like his character in that 70’s show, but he was the funniest character in the show. Debra Winger played Maggie, Rooster and Colt’s mother and wife to Beau. Elisha Cuthbert played Abby, Colt’s high school girlfriend. The show had many other characters with good actors playing them, like Megan Price and Kathy Baker. The show had a really good cast.

I think they might have just stretched the show a little bit and that did not help the storylines, there are shows that can’t last too long and I think this one was one of them. But it is definitively not a bad show to see.

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