Bombshell (2019)

Directed Jay Roach

Starting Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie and John Lithgow.

A significant moment where a big executive fell down after years of sexually harassing women in the Fox News Network. This film takes a look at Gretchen Carlson and how she inspired other women to speak up against men who abuse their power.

The film follows the lives of three women in different places within the network. Megyn Kelly is at the top as one of the top reporters, Gretchen Carlson is being treated badly by her male co-stars and is being demoted and Kayla Pospisil who is starting to work in the network.

The movie was good and I do believe it is important to showcase how that behavior has gone on for years and finally it has been exposed. The movie was made in the style of the film The Big Short and sometimes I would have liked it more straight because it got confusing in the timeline sometimes. That is the only thing that I did not like. The scene where the real women spoke of what happened to them was a big moment in the film, and sad at the same time that they had to go through that.

Charlize Theron was good in the film, she deserves the nomination, but I still think Scarlett’s performance in Marriage Story is the best out of the nominated performances. Margot Robbie was amazing, she really nailed the part. The one that really impressed me was Lithgow, he was so good as Ailes.

There are more powerful films about the subject and I want to see the Loudest Voice that deals with the same events. I think in the style it was done, it lost something.

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