The Traveling Wilburys

In 1988, when MTV was still a music channel and we could see all kind of music videos, I remember liking this song called Handle with care a lot, I did not know who they were at that time, but I loved that song. Then I heard End of the line by the same group and I loved it also. I never bought the record, I just heard it on MTV constantly. I knew of Tom Petty because he was huge at that time with Free Falling and other great songs, but the rest of the guys I did not know they were rock icons each in their own right. Years later I went to see a Beatles tribute concert as a gift to my father and I just fell in love with the music and from that day on, The Beatles have been my favorite band. I started to buy every album and then I started to get into their solo work one by one, John, Paul, and George. As that interest grew I found that George Harrison was part of that group that I loved and I was amazed. Then years later I discovered Bob Dylan and I found that he was also part of that group. The same with Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne.

It is definitively a supergroup. It is unbelievable that a group like that could have come together. the story goes that George needed a song as a B-side for a single he was releasing and he asked Jeff Lynne to produce it and Roy Orbison was with them when George asked so he went. George asked if Bob Dylan was home so he could use his studio to record it and George’s guitar was in Tom Petty’s house, so he also went. There the song Handle with care was born and he liked the song a lot and felt it had to be more than a B-side, so they decided to get together and write nine more and do an album. they wrote one song per day, lay the vocals and basic instruments and George and Jeff added arrangements and other instruments later because they had 10 days because Dylan was set to begin a tour.

I wanted to look back at this album. The songs are fun and a once in a lifetime thing to have so many great artists in one band. They made two records, the second one sadly without Roy because he passed away. The first album has classic songs that feature what made each of them greatly mixed together. the first track is my favorite Handle with care, I just love the lyrics and George’s vocal on the verses. Other great songs in that first album include End of the line, Congratulations, Last Night, Tweeter and the monkey man. The second album was not as great as the first one but still had great songs in it, mainly if it felt like a Dylan album as he handled many of the lead vocals, but it still had the best of each one of the members.

I can only imagine if they decided to tour and include songs from their own catalogs as well as Wilbury numbers, it would have been great. It is a great album to have and nice piece of history when icons like Harrison, Dylan, and Petty played together in a band. Hard to believe that only Jeff Lynne and Bob Dylan are the only ones still here, great band.

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