Kobe Bryant 1978-2020

I have to write my thoughts on what happened yesterday just to let go of all the emotions I have inside. In all honesty, my sadness is not for the basketball legend, is for the fathers in the crash that were there with their daughters. Yes, Kobe is the big name, but there were more families devastated yesterday. And in all honesty, the second act as a father is one that I admire more than his time as an NBA great!

Kobe Bryant grew up on the NBA light and I admit I was a fan of Kobe, but not so much of Shaq and therefore I never rooted for them in his first three championships, once Shaq was traded, I started to root for him on his quest to prove he was more than Shaq’s sidekick, and he proved it. He was the closest thing to Michael Jordan in many ways, but more in terms of the killer mentality and passion for the game, he never took a night off. When he retired I felt the game lost the last breed of players who truly played with passion and a desire to go out there every night and just perform. He grew from a cocky immature person to a more open person and a family man. The way he talked about his daughters is truly heartbreaking now with what happened yesterday.

I don’t know by name the others that were in the crash, but I know they were people, a family, and it is heartbreaking also. I’m still trying to process it all, and yes I never met him, but you don’t have to know someone to feel empathy, to feel someone else’s pain, and that is what I was reflecting yesterday that we have forgotten that as a society, myself being the first in line.

Yesterday as I watched my daughter sleep I confess I was emotional as I thought of the times I could have spent with her and did not, but also I was thankful that last year I was not working and was able to do so much I could not before, and hopeful for the future to be the father she deserves. It is sad that it takes things like these to open our eyes to things God teaches us but we don’t listen. We focus so much on the wrong things and lose sight of the eternal, the love we can give lasts on those we touch.

Kobe, thanks for the game-winners, the 81 point game and all the victories and loses. I pray for his wife and daughters and all those families who lost loved ones on this tragedy.

Yes, I know I talk about movies and music and not sports on this blog, but this post is personal and just a way to release how I feel and share it.

Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant and all those in the crash, May you rest in peace, hope you are all together in heaven! To us that still here, let us be the best people we can be!

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