1917 (2019)

Directed by Sam Mendez

Starring George Mackay, Dean-Charles-Chapman, Benedict Cumberbatch.

I have to say that this film surprised me. I wanted to see it because it already won Best Picture at the Golden Globes and it has a shot at winning the Oscar so I wanted to see it. I will say later in the post my thought on that.

The main premise of the film is two soldiers who are given the mission to reach another battalion and warn them that they are walking into a trap.

I will have to start by saying that it’s the first time that I left a movie amazed by the shots and cinematography. The movie feels like it was done in one shot and the scenes were beautifully directed. The way it was shot I felt like I was behind them walking through the linea of soldiers. Sam Mendez did a great job directing this film and has my vote for Best Director. The last battle scene was so amazing, it was really a great moment in the film.

I admit at first I was not liking the movie very much but it did get better. I liked that it did not make any side better, it was simply a war. It does not dive into the deep reason for the war, it focuses on the mission of warning the other battalion. What the movie failed for me was making me connect with the main characters, you feel the pain they feel because of the situation not because you are drawn to the characters, at least for me. But that is only one flaw, the movie itself is very good, it does keep glued to the film and it has a lot of suspenseful moments.

In terms of being the best picture, I don’t know. I praise the way it was shot and how visually it looks, but I don’t think it’s the best picture.

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