Killer Inside: The mind of Aaron Hernandez (2020)

Directed by Geno McDermott

This documentary really left me like another one I saw about another football player, OJ. I felt sad by the end, of course for the victims, but also for Aaron. It is a sad story of a life that was dealing with so much and went on a downward spiral.

The documentary is a three-part documentary that gives light to Aaron’s life and the trial for murder. I get to see this not as a football fan because I am not, so the star-struck part that at first influenced my belief that OJ was innocent when he faced trial, was not present here. I still think he did it sadly, at least the one murder he was found guilty the evidence is hard to say he was not involved, although no clear motive was given. What the documentary does is help us see what could have led to his actions and how can they be avoided, there is a quote in the film that impacted me, he said that if football would have come second to Aaron’s behavior, maybe all this could have been avoided. I think he refers to signs in his behavior or the crowds he was with.

The other thing I found interesting is the fact that it was discovered that he had an illness caused by head trauma, and in football that is part of the game. In the film Concussion, this is discussed, how this affects their decisions making. I don’t say this to defend Aaron, but it makes sense and yes there might be players with the same illness who have not done what he did, but people are different and this factor can’t just be dismissed because we all react differently to different things.

It is a sad documentary in all angles because of all the lives affected. It is a compelling look at life that had so much promise, real lives because Aaron was not only life lost.

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