Flaming Pie: Paul McCartney (1997)

In 1997 The Beatles had an amazing year. During a two year period, they released a documentary of 8 episodes with a lot of great footage and three double albums of new songs and outtakes. During that period Paul was reminded of how The Beatles used to work and recorded this album. To this day Flaming Pie remains one of his best albums. 

I can’t say what makes this album so special, it is a simple album, no big arrangements, and pure acoustics and rock songs. But it is a beautiful album, Paul maybe just relaxed on trying to produce a certain type of album and just recorded songs with a couple of family and friends. 

Having worked with Jeff Lyne on the Beatles tracks Free as a Bird and Real Love, he produced this album and played on the songs along with Paul. He brings his particular style of sound, one used by George Harrison and Tom Petty. Beautiful Night features Ringo on drums and vocals, Steve Miller plays guitar on Young Boy and Use to be bad. Little Willow is one Paul’s most beautiful songs and I believe it was written thinking of Maureen Cox (Ringo’s ex-wife) who died in 1994.

On July 31st 2020 a special edition of the album was released (today as I write this) as part of the Archive Collection. The release included demo’s and run through’s of the songs. I loved hearing Ringo and Paul as they rehearsed Beautiful Night. The demo’s were nice to hear as some had different lyrics and others just sounded nice in that primitive form. The unreleased songs some were just Paul goofing around others were complete songs. Of those I liked Broomsticks, Same Love and Love came tumbling down. There were a lot of versions released including a super deluxe version that was just to expensive, but I’m sure it had a lot of cool stuff in it.

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