Bad Boys for life (2020)

Directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Falah

Starring Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Kate del Castillo

I was excited when this movie was announced because I enjoyed the previous Bad Boys films.  For me this is like Lethal Weapon, they made 4 and they all were great films, mainly because of the cast. 

Like always, in hope of not giving much away I will say the story focuses on Mike and Marcus trying to find who tried to kill Mike. 

I think te film got it right overall, there were things in the story that at first felt disconnected to the last film but later on it was corrected. For this film I focus on the fun factor rather than focusing on the story, unless is really bad like the last Terminator. On that line I have to say the film got it right. The movie was funny and the action was great. There were plot points I would have not gone for but it did not ruin the movie for me at least. The chemistry of Smith and Lawrence is perfect, just like Glover and Gibson, they are fun to watch and their funny together. 

 Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were both great in the film, their chemistry on film have been proven. The new characters were fine, but the best part of the film are the returning characters. Kate del Castillo as the villain was a surprise and she was good.  

I think it was a good film, a film to go and just have fun and laugh for a while. 

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