The Fanatic (2019)

Directed by Fred Durst

Starring John Travolta and Devon Sawa

I will go directly with what the film is about. The story is about Moose who is a fan of movies and collects signatures and memorabilia. His favorite actor is Hunter Dunbar. Moose becomes obsessed with getting Dunbar’s  signature after he rejects him the signature one day.  

The movie was bad, really bad. As I saw it I thought I was seeing One Hour Photo again in many ways, only One Hour Photo was better. The movie is flawed from the story to the performances. It felt like a copy of a mix of films from Joker to other stalker films like The Fan. The fact that the main character goes bad because of people treating him bad felt just like the Joker, but the Joker did it better. 

I like John Travolta but I think he is desperately seeking an Oscar and the roles he is taking are not good. He over did it on this one, not that it was bad, but it just did not feel convincing enough, maybe the story was not good enough and he did his best. Even so, Travolta’s performance is the only good thing in the movie.  Devon Sawa was such a bad character that you can’t feel sorry for him at all. 

I hope Travolta gets a better role soon because I think he is a talented actor. But I can’t sat that I liked this film. 

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