Untouchable (2019)

Directed by Ursula McFarlane

I saw this documentary in Hulu and decided to see it hoping to fully understand or know more about the scandal that inspired the Me Too movement and finally has exposed this horrible behavior. 

The documentary begins with Harvey Weinstein’s rise in the movie industry. I did not know the power this man had and how he campaigned for his films to win, which explains Shakespeare in Love winning Best Picture over Saving Private Ryan. Based on the documentary he had this behavior early on and only got worse as he acquired more power. We get to listen to heart-breaking accounts from victims and in all honesty is simply horrific to hear how this man treated these women. 

My one thing with the documentary is that it should have gone deeper into 2017 and beyond and explore more of the effect and others like Harvey who were exposed. But other than that it was a revealing documentary and hopefully nothing like that happens again.  

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