Hustlers (2019)

Directed by Lorena Scafaria

Starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Lizzo

The movie has been well received by critics and the highlight mainly has been Jennifer Lopez’s performance. I am not a big fan of Jennifer Lopez I admit and the fact that she is getting nominations and everything really made me see the film. 

The story follows a group of strippers led by Ramona. When the economy crashed and men stopped spending money on the clubs they decided to go fishing for rich wall street guys and drugged them and maxed their credit cards and they got a percentage of what the club made. 

I was disappointed in the film. I found myself not that interested in the characters and the story. It takes too long introducing the plot. I will say this because I don’t doubt that is true, it made me feel sad to see how men act in those places, places like that should not exist. Back to the film, it also said it was a comedy/ drama, I did not find anything funny really. I think of a film like Thelma and Louis that we get to understand the two main characters and get to care about what happens to them. The strength of this film was the mentor relationship between Ramona and Destiny and their relationship.  

I have to say Jennifer Lopez was good in the film, I don’t think is Oscar winning worthy, but I understand the praise, she took a risk and played a different role than any other she has played. It was good to see Julia Stiles again, but I did not like the cast overall. 

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