This is where I live you (2014)

Directed by Shawn Levy

Starring Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman, Adam Driver, Tina Fey, Rose Byrne

I like stories about family and the complicated relationships in them and how no matter what, love is somewhere in there. For my first entry in 2020 I will look back at this 2014 film. I remembered this film and decides to see it again because I liked the story, it had heart and it was also funny, and the characters are all interesting and entertaining. 

The story is about the Altman family, they are brought together by the death of their father and they must stay together for seven days to honor their fathers wishes. Judd is going through a hard time because he found his wife cheating on him, Paul the oldest of the brothers is trying to get his wife pregnant, Wendy has two kids and a troubled marriage and Phillip the youngest is immature and in a relationship with an older woman. 

This film reminds of another film The Family Stone. The situations are funny but at the same time, there is drama. I actually liked the fact that even though they fought a lot and seemed not to be close, they loved each other in their own way. Not that my family is like that, but it did remind of how my mom and dad have always been there and my sisters and the bond of family. It has a few touching moments between them and a lot of funny situations. 

Jason Bateman is the main character and he was good in the film really showing what the character was going through. Tina Fey is super funny as always what surprised me is how good she was in dramatic moments. Jane Fonda was really funny and maternal in her performance. It was an outrageous character and her was great in it. This was for me the first film where I saw Adam Driver in a movie, I like his performance a lot and he now is for me one of the best actors, something he proved in Marriage Story, and in films like Blackkksman. 

It is an old film but I think it’s a good film to see if you have not seen it yet, but like I always say, it is my opinion. 

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