The two Popes (2019)

Directed by Fernando Meirelles

Starring Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce

Another example of how Netflix is becoming a real source of great movies. At least this year they have released a few really good movies. This year with The Irishman, Marriage Story and Dolemite is my name, they have released Oscar-worthy films and have become an alternative for great directors and artists to produce films that these studios seem to not want to get involved with. 

The Two Popes follows the story of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as he travels to Rome to meet Pope Benedictus XVI trying to get the pope to sing his resignation. The Pope does not want the Cardinal to resign and the two men begin to talk and spend time together. 

I started seeing this film out of curiosity and found myself captivated by the story. I could relate to Bergoglio so much, I am not catholic, but I do go to church and find myself like him so tired of church ways and the fact that they seem to not do enough. One of the arguments in the film was because Bergoglio refused the luxuries of the title of Cardinal. I could see myself having the same discussion and questioning so much. The film is able to show to men who made mistakes coming to terms with forgiveness and doing the right thing. I don’t follow Pope Francis in order to judge how he is actually doing, but the film portrayed him as breaking traditions and reaching out to people, I hope is true. 

The film is driven by two great performances. The great Anthony Hopkins once again delivers a great performance as Pope Benedictus XVI and Jonathan Pryce as Jorge Bergoglio was also very good in his performance. I liked the way they show Jorge’s path to getting to that point of being considered for Pope, the story of Argentina in 1976 was interesting and it showed how it might have shaped him and how he would be as a Cardinal and as Pope. 

It is an interesting film but it is drama and basically is a film about two men talking, but the conversations I thought were insightful and just relatable as people who make mistake and seek the mercy of God. 

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