Judy (2019)

Directed Rupert Goold

Starring Renée Zellweger, Finn Wittrock, Rufus Sewell

I honestly did not know much about Judy Garland other than she starred in the movie The Wizard of Oz. I was attracted to this film mainly because of the great reviews of Zellweger’s performance. 

The movie focuses on a rough moment in her career, she no longer was getting good roles and had two kids to take care of. She gets an offer to perform in London. The movie shows flashbacks that show her as a young actress and how that affected her and made her struggle with sleeping. But her main desire and reason for touring are to get back to her kids. 

About the film, is a moving look at Judy Garland. It is a heart-breaking film to see a broken person trying her best to find success again and be with her kids. Another film to remind us that these actors and entertainers are more than just icons of cinema, they are people and go through their own situations. The movie is a beautiful tribute to Judy and what she meant to people. 

The main attraction of the film has to be Zellweger’s performance, she is really great in the film and every nomination she is getting is well deserved. She manages to show every emotion her character goes through with such perfection. After seeing youtube videos of Judy I have to say that she nailed her movements and facial expressions and how she was on stage.

I expected the film itself to be better, I found it okay and I am glad I saw it, but really the only reason kept watching the film was to see Zellweger’s performance. It is hard to see because you want her to succeed but at the same time knows she won’t because six months after the events in the film she passed away at 47. I recommend the film if you watching a great performance or if you are a fan of Judy. 

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