My top films of 2019

The year is about to end and I want to share my favorite films of 2019 of the ones I got to see and review, I’m sure I missed a few. This was a good year in film for me, from the Avengers and the epic battle to the return of Al Pacino and Joe Pesci in a great movie. I will also share my worst movies of the year. 

The best films of 2019 in my opinion in no order. 

  • Avengers: Endgame

The best thing Marvel did what take their time, the gave 10 years of films to get us here and that made us love the characters that when they face Thanos, we care what happens to them. That is why it was hard when some dusted off in Infinity War. The movie for me as a comic book fan was the best, to see all those heroes in one film. The moment when Cap says Avengers Assemble was so chilling and when he lifted the hammer another great moment.

  • The Irishman 

Martin Scorsese working again with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci and add Al Pacino and you get my attention. And it did not disappoint. The performances were great and the story of the film was great, it kept me interested even though it was a long picture. I don’t know it is true and we get to know what happened to Hoffa, but it was an interesting and possible theory. 

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

I am not a big fan of Tarantino, but I am of DiCaprio so I had to see the movie like I saw Django. I loved the film. I found it funny and an interesting look at 1969 and the culture both in the culture and in Hollywood. Leo and Brad are so good in this movie. I liked how he handled the Manson aspect and give the audience what we all would have liked to have happened. 

  • Joker

This has to be the most talked-about film with those that loved it and those afraid to really look at the truth is told about society. The performance by Joaquin Phoenix was simply amazing and should win the Oscar Best Actor. Even though the film did feel a bit like Taxi Driver, it was inspired by it, I think it was a great film and a good intro to Joker. If it was hard to follow Ledger, it once again hard to follow up on Joker on other films if Phoenix won’t do the role again. 

  • Ford v Ferrari

This film was a surprise for me. I found myself involved in the story and I don’t follow race cars. Bale and Damon were both great and it was a touching story of friendship and going against the powers that be. 

  • Dolemite is my Name

This was a great film and unbelievable to find it all happened. Eddie Murphy gave a great performance. It was Bowfinger but for real, it is funny because of how they make the film and even with all its bad production the people saw the film and it was a success. 

  • A beautiful day in the neighborhood

An inspiring film. The movie really impacted me. Upon learning more of Mr. Rogers I could not help but feel inspired by this man who tried to make everyone feel special. Tom Hanks was wonderful in the film. 

It: Part two

The first part I liked but not that much. The second part I loved and found great that it added things that were not in the 90’s version, it felt like a compliment to Tim Curry’s version. I can’t say one is better than the other one, I like both versions. I think they kept what I like most of the story and that is the friendship aspect of the story, the clown is just there, the main thing for me is the power of their friendship. 

  • Marriage Story. 

This is a great film to see mainly because of Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansen’s performance ok es. They are bot great and it is a real look at the hard process of a divorce especially when there is a kid involved and the fact that they still loved each other. 

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