Unbelievable (2019)

Directed by Lisa Cholodenko

Starring Toni Collette, Merritt Weaver and Kaitlyn Dever  

A limited series available on Netflix that recently received Golden Globes nominations. Based on an article written by Ken Armstrong and Christian Miller about a series of rapes and the investigation. It is based on an case in Washington and others in Colorado.

The story focuses on three main characters. Marie Adler is a rape victim who is forced to say that she made it up because no one believed her, we see how this affects every aspect of her life. The two characters are detectives Duvall and Rasmussen as they try to solve the case of these series of rapes. 

The series was really good and I think it was done right, nothing was graphic but yet you feel the horror of it, the act and even the protocol of the police interrogations. The series keeps you interested but for me what kept me watching the show was the need to see Marie’s character receive justice. Not really knowing if she would, but I kept watching. 

 Kaitlyn Dever was amazing in her performance, earning that Golden Globe nomination. She was heartbreaking in her performance. I really felt the character’s pain. Toni Collette  was also great but that did not surprise me she is an amazing actress and I have enjoyed many of her films. 

The story is hard to see because the reality of what many women go through, but it was a good series.   

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