Would you be my neighbor? (2018)

Directed by Morgan Neville

I must confess, I wanted to know about this man after seeing the film A beautiful day in the neighborhood with Tom Hanks. Mr. Rogers seemed to be the nicest person in the world in the film and as I read about him it seemed he really was like that. 

It is easy to see the life of this man and be skeptic, or because of today’s celebrities, all seem to fall somehow, that he really could not have been that good of a person, not perfect, good. This documentary showed that those close to him say he was really like that and for 74 years that he lived it he was a fake it would have been known. Like always there are controversies, but I saw them more as external, people who thought differently accusing him and his work. As an example, I found so stupid that people blamed him for creating children who felt entitled because Rogers said on his tv show that they were special just the way they were. That was not the message at all, the message is to make children feel worthy of love in a world that puts labels even to small children. Another example in his funeral people saying he was in hell because he tolerated gay people. How sad is a world where we are expected to treat each other badly because we don’t see eye to eye? You can be kind to people and still let them know that you don’t condone his actions. 

There were so many touching moments in the film that showed the impact he had on kids. The film shows that he prepared himself to really make a difference in children’s life. I admire the fact that as he was entering seminary to become a minister he saw how television was being misused and he decided to enter the medium and educate children by talking about different topics. He really achieved making each kid feel special and that is shown through the footage in the documentary. 

I would like to end this review by doing something Rogers did and it is how the film ends, take a minute and think of all those people who played a part in shaping who you are today, I did and I thought of so many people who have been there for me. 

An excellent look at an extraordinary man. 

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