Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond (2017)

Directed by Chris Smith

I saw this a while back, but I found myself thinking of the Man on the Moon film and I remembered this documentary and started seeing it again. It takes a look at the filming of the film, but it is more a reflection of what Jim Carrey went through doing that role. 

The premise of the documentary is that Jim allowed filming behind the scenes of the movie and after 20 years more or less they are now being released. Jim Carrey narrates the process of the filming and how he became Andy Kaufman for the duration of the filming. Great actors achieve this. The film itself, Man on the moon, was received with mixed reviews as I remember, but I liked it because I felt the Jim gave a good performance. Andy was a comedian that you had to really get him to like him and the film is just the same. I remember feeling bad because I took my mother to see it and she really did not find Andy’s comedy funny. In truth me neither, but Jim was great.   

This was a very interesting documentary to see how an actor can get himself so into character. But it also showed touching moments of people who knew Andy that felt they were back with him again through Jim, it is remarkable at least to me. It also explores a journey of self discovery for Jim as he talks about how he changed after the movie. 

Andy Kaufman really seemed to an interesting character and an entertainer that was unique whether you liked him or not, he pushed boundaries and made the things he felt he wanted to do. 

It is on Netflix and I recommend it only if you like Jim or you liked the movie.  

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