Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti (1975)

Produced by Jimmy Page

I don’t do this much, the throwback Thursday thing, but it is Thursday and I was enjoying my Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti vinyl I decided to write about the album. For me, Led Zeppelin is the second-best band of all time. I love all four members of the band and I think, like The Beatles, if they changed members it would not sound the same. Each brought so much to the band and sadly it all ended with John Bonham’s death in 1980. I know that Led Zeppelin 4 might be considered their masterpiece and I can agree, but for some reason as much as I love that album, my favorite album is Physical Graffiti. 

The sounds on this album are different and varied. Heavy rock is present, but also other types of rhythms and instruments. Robert Plant’s lyrics were getting better with each album. The album included tracks not released form the Houses of the Holy album, surpassingly the song that bares the albums name is on Physical Graffiti. I like the ambition in this album and the fact that the band tried different things and it worked. 

The highlights for me are these songs:

Houses of the holy


In the light

Night Flight

Down by the seaside

Ten years gone

Every track is good in this album. Kashmir is truly an epic song and I love the riff and Bonham’s drum on that song. Ten Years gone is a beautiful song both in words and music. This is truly a great Led Zeppelin album. 

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