The Jukebox Beatles y Royal Symphony Orchestra: Tributo Sinfónico (2019)

For fans of The Beatles who were not born during their active period, tribute bands provide a way to hear the songs live. The Jukebox Beatles have provided that and more, at least for me. I listen to their radio show that they transmit live on facebook and YouTube and I think of the Beatles when they did radio shows, how fans could listen to them perform. They are a good band and play the songs really like The Beatles and they have good personality live on stage.

The first segment was based on the early Beatles with songs from 62 to 65. They started rocking with a great rendition of I saw her standing there followed quickly by She loves you. The band is able to recreate the excitement and energy of those early Beatles concerts where these songs were performed in their active years. In this segment it was great to hear favorite songs like I want to hold your hand, Help, Can’t buy me love and the last song from this segment A hard day’s night. 

The second part began with a beautiful performance by the orchestra of the song She’s leaving home. Then the band joined and songs from Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour and one from Revolver were played. The band and the orchestra brought to life the wonderful sound of those albums and together sounded great. Strawberry fields forever is one of my favorite songs and it sounded amazing. The band performed classic likes I am the walrus, With a little help from my friends, Penny Lane and a surprise When I’m Sixty-four. The section closed with the beautiful and hard to perform A day in the life and they nailed it!

The last section started with Because performed by the orchestra. This part of the show was beautiful and showed the power of the band’s music to move people with songs like Here comes the sun, Something, Let it be, Yesterday and Hey Jude. I saw Paul McCartney live in concert and in many other live performances of the song Let it be and finally someone played George’s guitar solo note to note and it sounded better than any other solo anyone has tried in those bands Paul has used, the solo George did with that song for me was perfect and added more to the song and no one, in my opinion, has been able to duplicate that effect with their own solo’s. Another surprise was the inclusion of Live and let die, but it made sense because that song sounds great with an orchestra along. The singer from Black Guayaba made an appearance singing the two George Harrison songs.

What a night of Beatles music. I always say this but it’s not a criticism to the show because with The Beatles there are always songs you would want to listen, for me it was Across the Universe I think that song is beautiful and would have sounded great and since they went with one from Paul’s solo work Imagine would have been perfect to include.  But it was an amazing show and the performances and the stage effects, everything was excellent. Thanks, Jukebox for a night of Beatles music. Rock on! 


I Saw her Standing there

She loves you

I want to hold your hand

Eight days a week

Cant buy me love


A Hard days night

She’s leaving home (orchestra only)

Stg pepper’s lonely hearts club band

With little help from my friends

Penny lane

When I’m sixty-four

Yellow Submarine

I am the Walrus

Fool on the hill/ Dear Prudence

Strawberry fields forever

A Day in the life


Because(orchestra only)

Got to get you into my life

Here comes the sun


Let it be


The long and winding road

Medley abbey golden slumbers/Carry that weight/The end

Live and let die

Eleanor Rigby

Hey Jude

Twist and shout

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