Ford v Ferrari (2019)

Directed by James Mangold

Starring Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Josh Lucas

What a film, it is funny, thrilling and great underdog story. I remember seeing the trailer and all that got my attention was Bale and Damon, both great actors. I think for me the element of not knowing anything of the true events and people allowed me to be surprised and even moved. 

Ken MIles

The story is about how the Ford company wanted to reinvent themselves and decided to enter the car race circle in their car. The main focus was to win over the Ferrari car in the Le Mans competition. For that, they hire Carroll Shelby who had won the race before and Shelby hired Ken Miles because he was the best racer and knew of cars and together they set out to build the fastest car.

I don’t think it was their intention, but I love the aspect of the ordinary man going against corporate because it’s a fact that corporate earns millions out of their employees and sometimes they really abuse their power and authority. Really those that were part of the Ford Company board are the only dislikable characters in the movie. I have to say Josh Lucas is good at playing bad people, I really have never liked him on film, but that means he does his job really well. It is hard to go into the details because I do not want to spoil anything to those that don’t know much about the true events that inspired the film. I will say that the film takes a while to really get interesting as the story builds, but once it gets to that point it never looks back. I am not a fan of car races, but the scenes where they were competing were really great and thrilling. It reminded me of how I felt watching the Cinderella Man with Russel Crowe, I have never liked boxing but I just connected so much to the character that I was throwing punches in the theater with him as I saw the movie. I can say the same thing with this film. 

This year it will be hard to decide in the best actor category, although for me Joaquin Phoenix completely deserves it, in this film both Bale and Damon are worthy of being nominated, along with Pitt and Leo from Once upon a time in Hollywood, Adam Driver for the film Marriage Story, and I have yet to see the Irishman with Pacino and De Niro. Back to this film, like I said both Damon and Bale are amazing in their roles, they play their characters simple but so likable. It has a good cast overall. 

The movie is a bit long, but it never feels like it. It is based on a true story, it is an inspiring film and I loved it. I recommend if you know nothing of the true events, don’t look it up, just go and see it and then check it out, I did it and found that the film was accurate at least with what I read. 

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