Instamatic Karma: Photographs of John Lennon (2008)

A book by May Pang

May Pang is often not mentioned but she was an important figure in John’ s life. She worked for both John and Yoko since 1969 as a PA assistant. It is a weird story as only could happen to John. While making Mind Games, Ono and Lennon decided to separate because they were having trouble in their marriage. Ono arranged for May Pang to go with John and be his companion, so for the period he was not with Yoko he was with May. 

That is the backstory of who May Pang was in regard to John’s story. About the book, I think any fan of John would love the book. It has pictures that show John happy and most of them I had not seen before. For any Beatles fan it is so good to pictures of John, Ringo and Paul hanging out on Los Angeles. Other pictures that are great to see are photos of him and Julian, his first son. Julian is very vocal about his relationship with his dad, he respects him and forgave him, but it is clear that he felt abandoned somehow and John was not wise in things he said in interviews. Julian has said that when John was with May he had the best times with his father. Knowing what happened later, it was great that he got to spend time with his son and his friends Ringo and Paul. 

The book has liner notes and the stories of the photos which is great because you get a sense of what he was doing and she was there so it is a great source. It is not a long book so it can be read quickly and the photos are great. Another reminder of a great artist, an imperfect man that was taken away too soon and for no reason. 

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