Disney +

Today finally Disney + was launched in some places and I was able to download the app and register to use the streaming service. They have a huge advantage in the sense that Disney alone has a huge catalogue of movies and classic shorts, that alone is appealing, you add Marvel, Star Wars and 20th Century Fox films and you have a lot to choose from. I must say I felt like a little kid going through all the Marvel cartoons from the past as well as disney shorts. 

I have seen the first episode of the Mandalorian and I liked it. It had action and a story that kept me interested. This can be a good way for Star War stories instead of making movies. You also have all the movies including the original trilogy and the Clone Wars animated series. The Last Jedi is still in Netflix. 

The Marvel series are not yet available but I can’t wait for Loki and What if?. I was excited when I classic Silver Surfer cartoon and other great cartoons. Of course you have here films of the Marvel Universe. 

In terms of Disney, I was happy to see classic shorts like The Pipe Piper, Three little pigs and others under Silly Symphonies series. There are many classic animated movies and original shows from current Disney channel. 

For now the price is amazingly low for all you get. I am sure more content will keep arriving, but they have a better launch than Apple TV in my opinion. 

For a list of the content available so far go to this link! 

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