Guns N’Roses Appetite for Destruction Deluxe Remastered Edition (2018)

Produced by Mike Clink (original), Manny Charlton

This album is regarded as one of the best debut- album by any artist. Here for the first time is being remastered and with new versions of the songs and released with a lot of cool things, the mega box set is expensive but it looked to have a lot of cool stuff. 

The album itself was a game-changer. At a time where glam metal and party songs ruling the metal scene, here come Guns N’ Roses with a raw album and a look similar look to other rock bands of the time but the sound sure was different. The album first track is the classic Welcome to the Jungle and from there on we get a set of songs unlike anything heard at the time from mainstream bands. Although not my favorite album from the band, it’s impact and quality is undeniable. 

The remastered release, in terms of sound to me it sounds the same. What makes it special it the content. It was smart to combine here Appetite with GNR Lies and release them together. It has different takes and sessions from the era and unreleased tracks.  Of the unreleased tracks the one that is worth it is Shadow of your love, the others felt more like little jam sessions songs not meant for nothing else.  A real treasure for me was the acoustic and demo versions of November Rain. 

I did not but the super box set because I like the album but it was too expensive although it does include a lot of things. If they this for the Illusions albums there I will be truly tempted. 

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