Movies I wanted to like so bad but….

I was taking a look at what films Netflix had and I stumbled upon Superman Returns. That got me thinking in films that I said I liked at the times because I really wanted to, but upon seeing them again I just had to admit its flaws. Am I the only one this has happened to? So, I decided to share some of mine and I hope if anyone reads this post they share their movies. 

I will start with Superman Returns since that movie got me into this line of thought. I am a fan of the character Superman, I love that he is a hero with values and willing to sacrifice himself for others, it is also a hard character to make stories about because he is virtually unbeatable. I have not seen the George Reeves series, but I have seen all the Christopher Reeves films and I like them all, 3 and 4 have their flaws but they were still entertaining. At that time, they did the best they could in terms of the effects. Then I remember the Lois and Clark tv-series and really loved the show. In 2006 I was excited when it was announced that a new Superman film was in the works and that Bryan Singer was involved because I liked his work on X-Men.  When I first saw it, I kind of forced myself to like it, but the more times I saw it I just could not defend the movie anymore. It had good things in it, the first was, of course, Superman looked amazing, the flying scenes looked great, the first time we see Superman saving the plane looked really great. I also liked Brandon Routh as Superman, given he was directed to continue the character as Christopher Reeves did it and Routh achieved it. Kevin Spacey made the Luther character a real villain, not a funny villain like Gene Hackman did it the Superman films. It was not bad, but Spacey made it evil. The story of Superman being away was a good concept but the fact that they made it as if he had a son to me was not a plotline for the first film. The plan of the villain was the same one used on the 1979 film in many ways and that is a letdown for me. 

Similar to Superman Returns, I must say Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was exciting to see again Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in their iconic roles as Han and Leia, but again, it felt like they were doing the same thing in Episode IV only with new droids and characters. And don’t get me started on the Last Jedi, what a disappointment and waste of having Mark Hamill reprise the role of Luke Skywalker. I really hope that they really blow me away with the next Star Wars film, finger crossed. 

I know it might seem like the hip thing to do to trash this next film, but I must. Terminator: Dark Fate is one case that while I was in the theater I was telling myself oh is great until the Terminator appeared, living in a cabin drinking beer and with a son named Mateo. That did it for me after that I just stayed because I spent money on the ticket. I loved Terminator 2 Judgment Day and I have tried to like the sequels but they never lived up to T2.

Another film for me was X-men 3, I loved the phoenix story and I was excited to see it on film. and then the film started and they started to kill characters that were essential to the story. They went the easy way, making Wolverine the main hero and the one Jean calls for to save her, but that was not how it went. There are other things off in the story, I just think after X-men 2 they should have gone bigger. 

Spider-man 3, wow how I defended that one. I love Spider-man and I just could not say at that time how bad it was. I see it now and I think that even the actors did not want to do that one. Kirsten Dunst is a great actress and her performance in that installment of the series was not good, it felt as if she was doing it because she had to, not like the other two films, the same for McGuire, I mean maybe it was the bad script, making him dance to appear evil as the suit was taking over really looked bad. The Sandman looked amazing, but they blew Venom because Venom should not have been in the film as a third villain, he deserved to be the main villain in another film. 

These are few cases that I remember now because I am sure they are others. of course, movies are like food, what I like someone else will not, so these films that just did not work for me. 

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