Sequels: Easy money or necessary.

Sequels: Easy money or necessary. 

The last Terminator film, Dark Fate, has made me think of this Hollywood trend of making sequels to every successful film even if the story ran dry. There are films where sequels are expected and the story allows for them. Take Marvel superhero films, you can bring new villains and new characters and done right they can be good films. Where to draw the limit? This I think basically because what is the main reason that after Terminator 2 it was decided to do another movie when T2 finished the story, for it to continue it would discredit all the effort that characters went through in the prior film. Think of it now, it should have ended there. But studios know people would see it so they kept making more. Now there are rumors of a Joker sequel, I don’t think it will have the same impact and the next step is not another Joker movie, for me, it would be to face Batman, maybe they want to shy away from it because of Heath’s excellent Joker in Dark Knight I don’t know. 

This is not a new trend, take Jaws, for example, the second one is not bad, but was it really necessary to have four Jaws films. I don’t think so, I think the first one is a classic and should have remained the only one. In recent years Jurassic Park is still adding new films and I must say it’s all the same as the others. It was great and maybe two films were sufficient, to keep doing them I think it is a way to cheat the public and just make money. Of course, we the moviegoers are to blame because we go to see them. I for one go out of curiosity, to see how they keep repeating the same movie and tell myself: “I told you so”. I think this does a disservice the memory of the previous film. Take another example in the Evening Star, a sequel to Terms of endearment. Terms of endearment was a terrific film with great performances by Jack Nicholson and Shirley MacLaine. The sequel continued the story but now the rocky relationship was with her grandchildren. A forgettable film at least for me, and it was a critical failure (Wikipedia. 2019).  

There are times where sequels are better than the first film, T2 is one example, The Godfather 2 another and there are more. My point is going even further two films and making crucial mistakes that ruin the story. I think studios should look at where they can take the story and not only make a mediocre film and take the box office. I think not all films should have more than three films, some not more than one, but maybe I’m alone at this. 

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