Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

Directed by Tim Miller

Starring Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis  

I am a huge fan of the Terminator and Terminator 2, the rest have failed to live up to the first two. The first one is so suspenseful, you feel as desperate as Sarah Connor trying to get rid of that machine trying to kill her. Arnold was great in the first film. The sequel was even better, the story and the action and the amazing special effects. Knowing that James Cameron who created the film is involved in this one made me hopeful that it could be a good film. 

So this one eliminates the other films after Terminator 2. Judgment Day never came but human beings once again follow a path that makes technology stand against them. Dani Ramos is now the target because it is now her son who will lead the resistance. Two terminators are sent, one to protect her and one to kill her. 

Where to start. I had high hopes for this one. But it is another disappointment. The story has so many flaws and turns that really make no sense. It is so sad, that the first two films are so good, I think no more films should have been made. I thought at least the movie would be entertaining but it was not. It was to see how they keep destroying this franchise that for it ended with T2. What they did with the T-800 ( Arnold’s terminator) was so pathetic really I did not like it. I know John was teaching him t be more human but I did not like the direction they went.  I was trying to like the film until I saw what became of the terminator, that was my limit. 

The casting was awful, I did not like the villain terminator, he felt like a cheap imitation of Robert Patrick. But I don’t think it was really the actor’s fault, the screenplay was not good. Linda Hamilton was the only thing I liked, she made me laugh in some scenes. I liked the idea of a woman being the protector but again is the screenplay that did not work not te actors necessarily. 

Sorry to say that James Cameron’s involvement did not save the franchise. Maybe he is more invested in the Avatar films. Maybe if it is seen as a mere action film then I guess is fine, but for me, a fan of the story and the action of the first two found it hard to like the storyline. I must say that just because you exaggerate the actions it does not make it better. T2 had action but still preserved some reality to it, this was also lost on this one.  I read that Cameron said the editing room was a difficult now I know why. Maybe the standard with the first two, it is hard to follow up the greatness of those films.

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