Bob Dylan: Rollin’ Thru The bootleg series vol 15

The first entries of the Bootleg series were great because they included tracks not released officially by Dylan, to my amazement great songs that for other artist they would have been on any album. Now they are going through different eras of his career and releasing outtakes and live performances. This volume takes a look at 1967 – 1969, years he released John Wesley Hardin and Nashville Skyline. 

The first cd focuses on John Wesley Hardin and Nashville Skyline with different takes of some of the songs of the album. I think the highlights of this collection come from the songs played with Johnny Cash. Most of the songs are byJohnny Cash, but it is interesting to hear these two legends perform together. Here Dylan takes the role of the second performer and allows Cash to take center stage. But both sang beautiful together. Dylan’s voice for these period was a bit different and gelled well with Cash’s voice. 

Because of the fact that the songs were mostly of Johnny Cash I was hesitant to buy this volume of the Bootleg series, but after listening there are no regrets. It is a good piece of history hearing these two greats rehearse their songs and even covers from Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins. It is available on vinyl, CD and digital. 

I regret buying it on digital because now that I liked it I would like to read the liner notes so, I recommend buying it on either cd or vinyl. 

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