Kodachrome (2017)

Directed Mark Russo

Starring Ed Harris, Jason Sudeikis, Elizabeth Olsen

I had no idea that this film existed, I was looking for a film with Elizabeth Olsen and found this one. Upon reading the subject it felt like it would be similar to the great film Life as a House because of the subject of the estranged father and son. But was delighted with a sweet film of redemption and how it can take us on a journey that can change our lives.

Matt is an A/R for a record company that loses his big act. He is about to get fired and has two weeks to bring another band to the label or else he gets fired. In his office, there is a woman waiting there and she tells him his father is dying and wants him to go on a trip with him to develop and old Kodachrome film. He is promised a meeting with the band he needs to sign if he goes with his father and the woman that is his nurse named Zooey. 

Yes, the concept of the son hating the father is not new, but every story has a different angle and sometimes it can touch you and that happened to me with this film. I liked that Ben played by Harris is not changed due to his illness nor is the illness concealed, but in fact, he is mean and not likable at all. It is not until late in the film that he is forced to finally open up to his son. Matt and Zooey are both charming characters that you hope they end up together. 

The three main actors are really good. Ed Harris is a great actor and he demonstrates it again in this film. Elizabeth and Jason were both really good. In reality, the film centers on these three characters and their interaction with the places they go to, and they really carried the film. I really enjoyed the story and the performances. 

The movie is on Netflix and it is a sad movie but I liked it and recommend it if you like that kind of film. 

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