Horror film when I was growing up.

I am not the biggest horror film fan in the world, but growing up the curiosity that these films brought to me and friends made me see a lot of those films and some I admit, did not let me sleep. But now as an adult, I remember them fondly maybe because they are just part of my childhood and bring memories of watching A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 on a friend’s house, or Halloween 3 at my neighbors’ cousin’s house. I think the late ’70s and the ’80s were a good time for horror, or at least I don’t like horror movies today that focus on torture and realistic situations, I prefer characters that are scary but at the same time have an element of fantasy in them. 

October 31st is one day where television is filled with these horror films. Just the other day there were playing Halloween, one of the scariest films I have seen. John Carpenter’s Halloween is one film that gives me chills today. The Shape as it is called sometimes or Michael Myers is a great scary character, because of his stillness and that mask. There is a scene that I think was so effective yet simple, Jamie Lee Curtis’s character looking out the windows and between the clothes, there is Michael Myers and then he disappears. Then there is the score, like jaws, simple but so effective. I am not sure, but I think this film started the slasher genre. 

When I look back at my childhood and the horror films I saw not all was seen in theaters, back then movies found success in home video, something now lost. You use to go to the video store and based on the cover and the info on the back it might interest you and you rented it. An example of this is the movie Dolls released in 1987. The special effects, you can say were not that great, but at that same time, that was for the best because it made the dolls creepier and scarier. The story was that a group of people stranded in a storm stayed in this house where two old people lived. They had dolls that came to life and because they were people cursed for being immoral they attacked those that did not respect and love kids, or something on those lines I have not seen the movie in a while. 

This one is a little more serious or different because it was written by the master Stephen King, Pet Cemetery was one of the scariest films I have seen. I remember really not being able to sleep after this one. I remember the sequel, but that one was not as memorable as the first. 

I was a big fan of Child Play’s movies. I can’t say why but my favorite is the third film. I liked the setting and the change of Chucky chasing a new body and the school setting. Of course, like Freddy and Jason, the sequels are more funny than scary. For me, the three big franchises besides Child’s play were Friday the 13thand Nightmare on elm street. I really had fun with these movies. There are not all perfect but most of the films are just entertaining. 

There were also monster films like Gremlins, to this day I see it and wonder how it was rated PG. It was innocent but scary and they did kill a few people. Another similar film was Critters, I know I saw them but I have little memory of the story, but I do remember seeing the films. Aliens and Predator were also great films with scary creatures. And the classic Killer clowns from outer space, those are really ugly clowns. 

On the light side of things, but not so light jeje. There was a special that Disney suet air on their channel called a Disney Halloween and I loved it. it had stories that were spooky and it focused on the movie Villains along with two short cartoons, one as a ghostbuster like story with Mickey, Donald and Goofy and the other was with Donald and his nephews.  

I will include covers of some films I liked during those years and I hope it will get you to remember what films you liked and remember those great years in film. 


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