Dolemite, is my name (2019)

Directed by Craig Brewer

Starring Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Keegan-Michael Key

I read about this film and was glad for Eddie Murphy that it was getting good reviews. So as soon as it was available for Netflix I saw it. Netflix is giving many opportunities for films that it seems studios don’t want to release in theaters maybe because they won’t break box office records. In this sense, I understand Scorsese’s comments, but I don’t agree that it’s a superhero film’s fault. I think studios are nit taking risks like before. 

The basic story is about Rudy Ray Moore who wants to make it big as a comedian, singer, and actor but just can’t get a break. Until one night he visits a homeless man where he usually sleeps and with their stories he comes up with an alter-ego named Dolemite. He builds his fame little by little and tries to make it on films. 

What makes the film so amazing is the fact that it all happened. I think they knew they were not making a proper film, but they had fun and delivered a fun movie whether you laughed at the film itself or the story. I searched video of the real Dolemite and it really is like they portrayed it in the movie. 

Eddie Murphy, at last, has made a good film and his performance was really good, he was funny but also handled the drama aspect of the story. It is a hard year for winning the best actor at the Oscars, but he might get a few nominations in awards season. The one I loved was Wesley Snipes, he was really funny. The whole cast was very good in the movie. 

I really enjoyed the story and found it funny and charming at the same time. It showed that he was a crazy character but cared for his crew. 

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