Entertainment and Technology

This entry will not be reviewing nothing in particular, it will be just me expressing my thoughts on how technology has changed things in movies and music. I am not one of those that completely hates technology, on the contrary I love having all my music on my phone, I have Netflix and others like it. Sometimes what I wish was there could be a happy medium where we could have both. Movies like The Avengers could not be made without the technology of today, but now the craft of make-up artist can’t be seen with all the CGI in movies. Sometimes the CGI is the only way to make a film, but there are others that still would look cool done the old way of making movies. What brought this to my mind? I was watching a documentary of the classic horror film The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I think the creature looks scary and the movie filmed underwater scenes that looked good for the times.  


The Creature also made me think of a time that movies were more reachable to watch. Like I said, I enjoy having Netflix and Amazon Prime, but I miss the way I could go to Blockbuster or Video Avenue and rent movies both old and new. When it comes to rent, I think it would be more accessible to have a store and rent it. Digital rental in my opinion for old films is too expensive and it leaves only the choice to buy the film because cost wise it’s better. Redbox is more directly to blame for the disappearance of video stores, but even as convenient as it is, for me it not better, and I use it now because it all we have, but even when Redbox started I continued going to the video store near my house, rented three films and enjoyed my Friday’s after work. I remember going through every section in Blockbuster, it had such a wide selection of films, something Redbox could never offer. I guess that is how it works something new comes and everyone uses it and when the older one is no longer available we miss it. 

In music I remember waiting to buy the physical cd or cassette and part of the experience was the cover, the booklet with the lyrics or pictures. Now even the concept of albums is lost because these digital platforms allow you to focus on songs. The Beatles in the 60’s made the album an artform and gave it a place as art. Having the vinyl for albums like Revolver that the cover looks amazing, for me it was part of the experience. Like I have said already, I have an iPhone with all my music in there because it is an advantage to take your music everywhere. But I started buying vinyl again because of the whole experience. I like the sound of the music and the feel and look of the albums. The perfect thing would be for artist to include digital download code in the vinyl releases, the cd’s can be passed to a computer and then to iTunes so it is not that necessary. 

I will talk about one area where I believe is better now. When it comes to series I love the fact that I don’t have to wait a week to find out what happens. Netflix and Hulu allow you to see the season as fast as you want because their original series are available completely from the start. Hulu it depends on the show because they are current with the networks and the episodes are available after they air on the network. 

I have mixed feelings on technology sometimes, I like the things it allows us to see and hear, but I miss so much of what we had before too. Maybe I am alone at this or maybe not. 

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