Maleficient Mistress of Evil (2019)

Directed Joaquim Rønnin 

Staring Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfieffer, Ella Fanning. 

If there is one villain in those cartoon movies that was really mean it was definitively Maleficent. She was dark and for a children’s film really scary looking, but I have always liked her. I was excited when the first live film came because Angelina looked exactly like the cartoon.  In the first movie they made changesi to the story and Maleficent ended being misunderstood in a way. 

For the sequel, we find that Aurora is now queen of the Moors. Aurora and Phillip hope to unite the kingdom of men with the Moors with their marriage but others have other plans. 

I always try to give my opinion without going into details of the story because I think the less one knows to go to see the movie the better. For me, it takes getting used to the changes in the character because the Maleficent I got so saved on my mind is the really evil version from 1959’s Sleeping Beaty, but getting past that I loved the film. The images and the effects look good. The story is normal for these kind of films but it was very entertaining and still a nice story. I liked the story about where Maleficent came from. Thinking of the character at a time where we got the amazing film Joker where we see a man descent into evil, here we get the other side of how love can save someone and keep them good.

The main attraction for me were the performances of two great actresses. Angelina Jolie is really good in the role of Maleficent. Michelle Pfeiffer was incredible as the queen.    

It is a nice family film. I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would. 

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