Bon Jovi These days (1995)

Produced Jon Bon Jovi, Ritchie Sambora, and Peter Collins

On throwback Thursday I was going to take a look at the Jon Bon Jovi solo album Blaze of Glory, but instead, I turned to the Bon Jovi album “These Days”. 

Bon Jovi is without a doubt one of the few bands that survived the grunge movement and has remained successful for decades and to this day they are still an active band even though pivotal member Sambora left the band. 

When this album came I was really shocked at the darker nature of the album. Previous albums always showed songs of feeling good and fun and love ballads. Here they went deeper in lyrics and even the love songs were not the same, they reflected broken hearts and love lost like never before. I remember calling my sister after hearing it the first time and telling her how much this album was different, I’m sure she was thinking why would she care, but I had to tell someone what I just heard. 

The album has songs that are fun and light but even those felt different. Something for the pain had a cool video. This album, after New Jersey, is their best album. Songs that I love from the album are Something for the pain, Two hearts breaking even, If that’s what it takes, it’s hard (Letting you go), These Days and This ain’t a love song. 

It is an old album but worth listening to it again or if you have not heard it to give it a shot. 

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