Nirvana Live and Loud (2019)

Produced by Sherrie Kaye

Back in the days where MTV played music and not just reality shows. They use to have artist play a concert on December 31st as they said goodbye to the year. I have memories of two of these concerts that I found great. One was Green Day and they ended their set with the beautiful Time of your life and the other was Nirvana on what I think was one of Cobain’s last live performances, or maybe that was their Unplugged concert I’m not sure, but it came a few before what happened with Kurt. 

In August it was released on vinyl and it’s a great piece of history to have if you are a fan of Nirvana. I bought it because I have fond memories of the time I saw the concert of celebrating New Year’s Eve in my uncle’s house and then returning home to see the special. It was said that it could have been even better because it was supposed to be Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but since Pearl Jam did not go, Nirvana took the whole set. 

There are songs that they did not sing that could have obvious choices but that does not make the setlist bad. I actually like the songs chosen and the band now enhanced with a second guitarist sounded really good.

Highlights for me were Pennyroyal tea, Heart shaped box, All Apologies and Lithium. 

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