Metallica: S&M 2

Recorded on September 6th, 2019, Metallica once again with the San Fransisco Symphony. 

When they first did in 1999 I thought it would not work but to my surprise it did. The songs really sounded great. 

How great that the band decided to put the concert on movie theaters. With the sound system, it really sounded great. The band and orchestra really played well together. The best thing is that Metallica made it a different experience because they did not repeat many songs from the last show and played recent songs as well as classics. The concert began with an amazing performance of the instrumental Call of Kutulu followed by For whom the bell tolls which sounded so good. 

The concert had a lot of highlights. First of all, the songs were really enhanced by the orchestra and they all sounded great. For me, it was great listening to newer songs like Confusion, Moth into the flame and Halo on fire. The day that never comes was another one that sounded great. A great moment in the concert was when a member of the orchestra paid tribute to Cliff Burton, the band’s first bass player. They played the instrumental Pulling Teeth from their first album. The Unforgiven III was performed by James alone with the orchestra and though it sounded good I think it might have sounded better with the whole band. The songs that were repeated from the 1999 show were Puppets, Enter Sandman, Nothing else matters, No leaf clover, Memory Remains and Call of Ktulu. 

Metallica is a great band and they really took the risk again of mixing symphony with heavy rock, but once again they pulled it off. I would have liked to hear Fade to black with the orchestra, that is the one song I think could have sounded great that they did not do in either show. 

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