Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)

Directed by Sam Liu

Starring Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill

No doubt the movie at the moment is Joker. Mostly it has been received as a great film and Phoenix’s performance has gathered praise. Reading interviews I found that they were inspired on sole things from the graphic novel “Batman The killing joke”. It was made into a movie by Warner Bros animation. I will say this, I am a fan of the Batman animated movies, most of them using the style and voices of the great Batman Animated Series. I saw the film when I bought it but I decided to see it again. 

The story starts as Batman teamed with Batgirl are tracking down a mob criminal. Batman senses that Batgirl is in danger and tries to keep her away from this mission. In the end, Batgirl decides to quit. When a crime scene is discovered and believed it was done by the Joker, Batman visits him in jail only to find Joker escaped. Joker kidnaps Commissioner Gordon as Batman searches for him.

I liked that the film went the risky way and the film though animated was rated R. The movie shows some aspects of a possible Joker origin through flashbacks. The main criticism of the film is due to the first part of the film not having any real importance or connection to the main Joker story. I can see their point because it did not seem to change Batman and Batgirl’s relationship in any way. But it was a nice story and it did not harm the film for me. I still like Mask of the Phantasm better but this was a good film. 

Mark Hamill is a great voice actor and he does a great performance as Joker. He has a unique voice for the character that perfectly complements the animation. Kevin Conroy is also great as Batman, his voice is as familiar and unreplaceable as the voice of Optimus Prime, at least in animated versions for me Kevin Conroy is Batman. 

If you like the animated stories of Batman, I recommend this film.  

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