Joker (2019)

Directed by Todd Phillips

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro.

I admit that I became interested in the film when I saw a trailer, right from that first trailer just for Joaquin Phoenix performance I thought of this movie as a must-see film. The Joker is a great character and has been brought to the screen various times. For me I loved first Jack Nicholson take as the Joker on Burton’s Batman, he was fun but yet had the crazy element that defines the Joker. Heath Ledger really blew me away with his performance and I like Mark Hamill as he provided the voice for Batman the Animated series and some of the cartoon films.  

The film main story is to see how the Joker came to be as evil as he is and the main nemesis of Batman. Arthur Flick is a man struggling with mental illness and with life. As the film progresses we see him go deeper into his madness. 

I have to say Joaquin Phoenix was awesome and he made the character his own but yet you could feel like the Dark Night followed this film because of the way Phoenix’s performance seemed to enjoy the chaos like Ledger’s interpretation of the Joker in Dark Night. I remember Phoenix in the Gladiator and he was so great as the villain, in this film he lost himself in the character, every movement, every laugh, the performance was great. I think a second Oscar might be given to an actor playing the Joker. The film’s main attraction is his performance and he does not disappoint, at least he exceeded what I expected.  Having the great Robert De Niro did not hurt the movie either. He has few scenes as talk show host Murray, but like always he gave a great performance. 

Honestly, it’s not an easy film to see but it an amazing film also. I read that it was inspired by Taxi Driver and it had that feel like De Niro in that film, Arthur slowly is affected by the decay of society. You understand what he goes through but yet the film does not glorify or justify what he becomes, it just opens the viewer’s knowledge as to what led him to become the Joker.  It is looking at society and how the system can affect an ordinary man who is trying his best. It also deals with how people making fun of a person can affect him. 

The movie is a must-see and I hope they follow this with Phoenix going against Batman but in the same tone as this film. 

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