The Beatles Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Edition

Produced by George Martin with remixes produced by Giles Martin 

The Book included in the box set.

It is a great time to be a Beatles fan. With the releases of the Anniversary editions of Sgt. Pepper and The Beatles (White Album), the soon to be released version of the Let it be Film and 50th Anniversary album surely coming in 2020. This time it was the turn for Abbey Road. I really like the new mixes and how it sounds, it is a better sound than the remastered versions released in 2009. The things released in the White Album editions were really great. 

The album Abbey Road is a fantastic album, maybe my second favorite. The band was all at the top of their game on this one in playing their instruments and the vocal harmonies. George Harrison provided the two best songs in the album. Come Together is a great track and it sounds great in the new mix. Something sounds beautiful as does Here comes the sun. The work Giles is doing with the music, in my opinion, makes it more clear every layer of the songs. 

The extra content is great, but for me, it failed to include two things. The version of Here comes the sun with a guitar solo seen in a video discovered by Dhani Harrison and George Martin and the piano coda Lennon recorded for Something, maybe it no longer exists but that would have been better than the instrumental version of Something included. The rest is awesome. John and Paul recording the Ballad of John and Yoko. The first version of the medley. The best part of the outtakes is listening to the band talking and laughing. The Octopus’s Garden outtake was great as it breaks down and Ringo and John kid around as to who came in late in the song. The demo of Goodbye a song Paul gave to Mary Hopkins was included and released officially sung by Paul.  

The package is beautiful and I enjoy reading about each song. It includes interviews where the Beatles talk about the songs and it adds to the experience of hearing the box set. 

Can’t wait for Let it Be and I hope at least Rubber Soul and Revolver get their own Anniversary editions.  

7 thoughts on “The Beatles Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Edition

      1. Probably a toss up between the two…Revolver is pretty great, too, and hell, so is Rubber Soul…tough to say! White Album the most expansive, Abbey Road for me sort of “shines” the most, captures The Beatles’ essence…I don’t know, I love them all!


      2. Think of it this way: I love Let It Be but wouldn’t ever rank it as The Beatles’ best. But…for any other band, it would be the best album they ever put out! It would be enough to hang an entire career on.


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