Short term 12 (2013)

Directed Destin Daniel Cretton

Starring Brie Larson and Rami Malek

I was looking for a movie to see and I saw this one with Rami Malek and Brie Larson and decided to see it. It was inspired by a short film written by the director based on his experience working in a home for troubled teenagers. 

The story is centered around Grace played by Larson as she manages the home and takes care of the teenagers. She works with three other staff members and one of them is her boyfriend. He loves her but feels like she still does not trust him enough to really tell him what goes on with her. When a new girl is brought to the home, Grace sees in the girl what she had to go through and through in her childhood. 

I was surprised at how many good reviews got on IMDB, actually, that motivated me to finish it. I have to agree that it was a good film. It deals with the right sensitivity to the reality of what kids in those situations go through. But it is done also with moments of laughter so it is not as dramatic as other films dealing with the subject matter. The film does not look into teaching a lesson, it just touches healing through learning to trust others and letting yourself be helped. And this was learned not only by the kids but by Grace. 

The films main attraction is Brie Larson, she gives a great performance in the film. She is really moving and perfectly shows the characters afflictions and pain and her struggles with the situations she is facing in her personal life. Rami Malek is a secondary character who did not have that much screen time so to have in the poster it was a bit misleading. The cast of the kids who I think were new actors or had made a few films, but they were good, their performances did not feel forced. 

The movie is slow and it is a drama with some funny scenes but it is worth watching.   

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