About Schmidt (2002)

Directed by Alexander Payne 

Starring Jack Nicholson, Hope Davis, Kathy Bates

I was revisiting this film from 2002. I think is one of those films that follows no line in the sense of a traditional comedy or a traditional comedy, because it has a little of both. 

The movie is about Warren Schmidt and we first see him staring at the clock as he is about to leave work for the last time. He was facing the question of what will he do now. His wife dies suddenly and he decides to drive across country until he reaches the city where his daughter is getting married to a man Warren thinks she should not marry. 

I really like the story of these feelings and the subjects that it deals with. Warren is feeling by the end insignificant and thinking about what good has he done, who will remember him, questions I think we all have sometimes. But it deals with it in a real and funny way. The characters around Warren are unique characters. Kathy Bates is absolutely great in this film. But it is Jack Nicholson who steals the show and gives another great performance. It was a character that Jack seldom played, it was a passive character, not explosive or even that much of a talker. I think the last scenes are really moving and in large part is due to his great performance.

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