Late Night (2019)

Directed by Nisha Ganatra

Starring Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, Jon Lithgow

There are movies you stumble upon that surprise you. I knew about the film and that it had good reviews.  Written by Mindy Kaling, famous for her role in the hit TV show The Office, the film had heart. 

Katherine Newbury is a very successful talk show host. When her ratings are declining she pressures her writers for ways to bring back ratings for her show. In looking to do that she hires Molly Patel who has no experience but she is added to the team to diversify her group. She slowly gets to form a relationship with Katherine and helping her to change and regain success. Molly has to earn her way into the group but she does earn it by the end. 

The story touches on how someone might feel after years of working and suddenly they try to replace you. Katherine has to fight to retain her job because they want to change her and put a young comic in her place. It also touches on the mistakes we make along the way and finding forgiveness. The film was a bit slow and it took me to different times to finish it, mostly due to time. 

Emma Thompson, as usual, gave a great performance. Mindy was charming and funny. Jon Lithgow had a small role in the film but he was good at it. The best part of the film is Emma Thompson, her character transitions from being cold to better understanding of how she treated others.  

I enjoyed the movie, mainly I recommend it if you are at home and want to see a light film with a nice story and that is entertaining. 

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