Rambo Last Blood (2019)

Rambo: The Last Blood (2019)

Directed by: Adrian Grunberg

Starring Sylvester Stallone

There are characters that are hard to get tired of. Stallone has two of those characters in Rambo and Rocky. I remember growing up at a time where Stallone was one of the great action heroes of the big screen with films like Cobra and of course, First Blood, the first film featuring John Rambo. The action films have changed a lot and I like the fact that Stallone has been making films like the Expendables that once again just lets the audience have fun at seeing one man defeat whole armies. The one thing Stallone has in his favor is that he is writing his movies, I think he is making good films. 

The story this time finds Rambo living in a farm and training horses, and he lives there with a niece that he was raising as her daughter because her father had abandoned her and her mother died. When she finds where her real father lives, she tells John that she wants to go to Mexico and find why he abandoned her. She is betrayed by a friend there and John is forced to go and find her. 

The start of the film is a little bit slow as they set into the story, but it does get better as the film goes on. this is a film where you know what is going to happen but I like that they do things the audience might not expect. I found the film to be very entertaining, but I do say, this is Rambo, go have fun and enjoy the action, don’t go looking for a masterpiece in terms of the story. As a reviewer I can only tell you my view on the film, that is why I am saying this is a film you go to see to have a good time.

The performances are typical of action movies and Stallone can play Rambo without any trouble by now. I did like the anger that Stallone was able to portray in the character. The action is great, really felt in that sense like the first film. I liked it also because it showed him vulnerable but yet like always, the ultimate warrior and unstoppable.    

I do hope this is the last Rambo film because I think it was a suitable goodbye to a great character.  I liked it better than the last Rambo film.


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