My favorite albums growing up

Although if you ask me today I would say my favorite music comes from the ’60s and ’70s. But, I am very fond of the music that I listened to when I was growing up. I liked new bands and music up until 95 after that I rarely loved anew artist or band, any new music came from bands or artists of other era’s releasing new music. 

This list has no order, some bands might have more than one album on my list and genres will vary although Metal was my favorite back then. I was inspired to share this because I found myself picking albums from those years. 

  • Guns N’ Roses – Use your illusions 1 and 2

This is a special album and one that I listened to constantly in high school. Some say Appetite is their best album but as great as that album is, the Illusions albums are my favorite. 

  • Metallica – Metallica

This is an album and a band that I began to appreciate later on. This album was a true masterpiece, I don’t think it’s their best album, but it is still an album that I love listening to at the time it was released it was everywhere. 

  • Nirvana – In Utero

Yes, I know Nevermind was a more successful album, but I preferred then and now this album over Nevermind. I think the sound is heavier and the lyrics feel more personal to me. Sadly it would be their last. 

  • Michael Jackson – Thriller

Before I got to into rock, I was a fan of Jackson and still am regardless of what is said about him which might be true or not I won’t get into that. I am just recognizing that I loved Thriller and it brings back a lot of good memories with my family. 

  • Faith no more – Angel Dust

This is a weird selection for me because I don’t like the band or any other album they released other than Falling to pieces and Epic from their previous album. But this album I still listen to it and really like it. Small Victory is one of my favorite songs and I remember the video. It has a lot of cool songs and it is a different kind of record. 

  • Oasis – What’s the story

This is the album that started me on this trip to albums I heard growing up. It is their best album, they just could not match with their other albums after that one. It is a fun record, Champagne Supernova is a great song and performance and Don’t look back in anger is a beautiful song.  

  • Pearl Jam – Vs

This is a great album and I listened to it a lot. Eddie Vedder really writes great lyrics and in this album, he was at his best. With songs like Daughter, Dissident, and Rearview-mirror, this album is great from start to finish. 

  • Huey Lewis and the News – Fore

This band was one of my favorites for a while. They wrote good songs and their videos were fun. This album had a lot of good songs like Stuck with you, Doing it all for my baby, Hip to be square and Jacob’s ladder.

  • Poison – Open up and say ah

The ultimate party band. This album had the classic songs Nothing but a good time, Fallen Angel and Every rose have its thorn. Nothing serious but a fun album that I listened to a lot. 

  • Motley Crüe – Dr. Feelgood  

This is, in my opinion, their best album, before I liked a few songs on their albums, on this one I liked the record. My favorites from the album are Kickstart my heart, Don’t go away mad and time for change. 

  • Bon Jovi – New Jersey

What an album, this one os great from the first song, maybe one in between no so good but right on track again. This is one of my favorite albums. The band really came through in following with a better album the hugely successful Slippery when wet album. 

  • Stryper – To hell with the devil

This is a special album. I remember that I and my neighbors really liked this album and we use to pretend we were the band and “play” the song Honestly. There is an element of nostalgia but in all truth, this is a great album. 

  • Green Day – Dookie

I think this is one of the last new band that I liked, after them few new bands captured my attention. Dookie was a great album and what made it great is the relatable lyrics from Billy Joe and the songs were not long and straight at your face .

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