Raul Julia: The World’s a stage (2019)

Directed Ben DeJesus

Part of PBS American Masters

Being from Puerto Rico this is a must-see documentary. Raul Julia is one of the best actors not only from Puerto Rico but in the world. This documentary proves that he was extremely talented. 

The documentary takes a look at his life from his childhood to his work as an actor. With interviews from those who worked with him or were close to him, we get the chance to get to know the man. There are a lot of cool interviews of Julia where we saw his personality and his views on things that at least I never heard or knew. Seeing footage of his stage work was amazing to see. Seeing Raul go head to head with Meryl Streep and doing just as great as she was, what a great thing to see. 

He has done great films, I am yet to see Kiss of the Spider-Woman a film where he got a lot of praise for his performance, some believed he deserved an Oscar nomination. He might be widely known for his role as Gomez Adams in the Adams Family movies. For me, it was films like Romero and The Burning Season that really captivated me with his performance. A great actor who I’m sure would still be doing great work. 

What a great documentary it was really interesting and towards the end it is sad because he was young when he died. 

2 thoughts on “Raul Julia: The World’s a stage (2019)

  1. I live in Puente Rico have cable and Netflix, not PBS
    How can I watch it! They keep advertising but we can’t wstch it! Is there a way? I would love to see it!
    Thanks, Virginia Wengrow.


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